Clark Synthesis Platinum Tactile Transducer TST429

Clark Synthesis Platinum Tactile Transducer TST429


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Tactile Transducer

Clark Synthesis


The experts at Clark Synthesis bring you the Platinum Series Tactile Transducers. Welcome to the best tactile transducer on the market. Premium Professional grade vibration system that delivers beyond your wildest dreams. This is the built specifically for the customer who demands the best and nothing less.  

Featuring extraordinary fidelity and low frequency output. This will bring your Racing or Flight Simulation experience to life in a major way. Whether it's rumble strips, contact, engine rumble, shift thumps, road feel, or just the feel of becoming one with the machine. Clark Synthesis Gold Series will make you the thunder, BIG time. 

The TST429 Platinum Professional Transducer is the most powerful audio transducer on the market today. Available only from Clark Synthesis, the TST429 provides the ultimate performance and output of full-fidelity, full-frequency sound with a frequency response from 5hz to 17kHz. This premium transducer is designed to meet the demands of audio applications such as high-end home theater furniture,
theater risers and platforms, floors (including dance floors), simulators, gaming systems, and ProSound equipment.


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