Cube Controls QRX ( USB Quick Release )


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Cube Controls


Sector X Simulations Brings you the latest innovation in Quick Release Technology by Cube Controls. 


The QRX System solves the key issue plaguing Direct Drive USB based Sim Racing Wheels, the USB interface itself. Often the key fail point in every wired Sim Racing Wheel is the USB causing connection issues, often times unfortunately during races creating technical malfunctions. 


The QRX System reduces strain caused by USB cables being jerk and or stretched to their limits by integrating the USB into the Quick Release Hub itself. This minimizes wear and tear on your prized wheels and also eliminates the need for clumsy USB extenders that create cable management nightmares. 


In short the QRX System saves your Races, Results, Sanity, and Equipment in one sleek precision engineered piece of kit. 


* Please Note: Due to the Global Health Situation particularly in Italy, our partners are estimating delays on the production lines of these components. We are actively working with our Partners to provide our community with the timely service that you deserve. We are grateful for your patronage, and will keep you updated every single step of the way. 


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