Heusinkveld Hand Brake +


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Hand Brake




If you like going sideways this is your weapon. The Heusinkveld HB + is the latest iteration of a Sim Racing Classic. Checks all boxes. 


Adjustable :  for multiple configurations for max realism. 

Powerful :  for true force. 

Precision : for pinpoint adjustments mid slide for max mastery. 


The lever actuates a 120kg load cell, resulting in up to 22kg of actual force measured at the lever. The measurement of the handbrake force is linear. Using Heusinkveld SmartControl software, you have complete freedom to set custom non-linear output curves.

The electronics of the handbrake are integrated inside the handbrake base. The system as a whole has passed EMC compliance testing, guaranteeing a stable output signal. A USB cable is supplied with every handbrake in order to connect it to your pc.


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