Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedal Mounting Plate


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The Heusinkveld Ultimate Sim Racing Pedals are made for serious performance. With that serious performance comes some serious stress loads ( 300lbs ), and this can naturally cause flex in non reinforced mounting points. 

Well the team at Heusinkveld have thought of this and we are proud to offer the ultra sturdy Heusinkveld Engineering Pedal Base Plate for the Ultimate Pedals. 

These baseplates are designed to show absolutely zero flex under load, while maintaining flexibility when it comes to positioning individual pedals.

The baseplate assembly consists of multiple elements: The main baseplate on which you mount the pedals, as well as two brackets which create ground clearance for the pedal bolts and nuts and provide mounting space for the pedal controller. The main baseplate element is 10mm thick and will show zero flex under maximum load.


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