PT- 3 Dof Actuator Kit - Scorpion Series 150mm

PT Actuators

Sector X Simulations is an Official Distributor for PT Actuators proudly serving the United States and Latin America. 


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PT-Actuators is Sim Racing's Premiere Motion System just got better. The New Scorpion Series Actuators are better in every possible Motion System Metric. PT-Actuators new Scorpion system Stronger, More Tune-able, Quieter, and simply built to last. Welcome to the cutting edge of home racing simulation. 

Included : 

1 set of AMC-AASD controller

3 sets of  shield AASD15A servo driver (flange size 80 with 750w)

3 sets of metal plate cups

3 of servo actuators ( speed:250mm/s,force:150kg,stroke/150mm) perpendicular.



3 sets of power and encoder cables (3meters long)

Software: Professional license lifetime - Simtools V2 / FlyPT / Ian's 6dof BFF / X-sim

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Category: Motion Simulator, PT Actuators

Type: Simulator Motion Kit

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